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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. You have to register to access the website. You can either ‘Signup’ by entering your basic details or for a quick ‘Signup’ you can login through your Facebook account. On login to your account, you get to solve questions from various topics that are asked in MBA entrance tests and are created by highly experienced subject matter experts. You shall have access to more than 700 questions from various topics. You will also win medals and points for your activities on PRAQTISE.

Yes. You get more than 700 questions in an adaptive mode and mock tests on our website for FREE. You also get access to solutions of the questions, analytical reports and a customizable and personalized study calendar. You win points and medals for your activity as well.Moreover, you can upgrade to a premium plan and get access to UNLIMITED questions across various topics and get all mock tests. These plans are suited to your requirements and provide you with the flexibility to create your own program. You can also redeem points that you have accumulated for rewards.

At PRAQTISE, we cater to all entrance tests conducted by Indian institutes for their MBA and equivalent programs. The list includes – CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT, MH-CET and various other tests of some of the finest B-schools across India.

The concept of ‘Adaptive Learning/Assessment’ basically categorizes all questions in to multiple levels of difficulty. At most other websites that mention Adaptive Learning, you are expected to start solving questions from the lowest level of difficulty and work your way upwards to questions of higher levels of difficulty. At PRAQTISE, we have incorporated an internationally recognised technique known as Computer Adaptive Testing (C-A-T) used for assessments and international tests, for our ‘Adaptive Preparation’. This algorithm starts with questions of medium level of difficulty and then adapts to higher or lower levels of difficulty basis the user responses. It always gives the user a benefit of doubt and also challenges it to perform better. This mode of preparation allows you to reach your optimum level of performance in the least possible time and leads to almost 50% time and effort efficiency over any other method.

No. We do not provide any hard copy or physical/print form of study material or tests. Our interactive interface is very user-friendly and you wouldn’t want to bury your head in books.

We really do provide UNLIMITED content. We have an extremely large and humongous bank of questions in our database that are presented to you in an adaptive mode.We also keep adding questions and updating the existing questions periodically. We assure you that your preparation shall never be hampered for lack of questions.

Medals are awarded to keep up your spirits high and get you going with a sense of achievement. Your accumulated points will reward you with vouchers & coupons which you can redeem at various offline or online outlets.

Every person is different and so are his/her needs. Our ‘Personalized program’ setup allows you to choose only those modules and topics that you need. If you want to practise and solve only Reading Comprehension questions, why should you pay for the entire Verbal Module? It’s like if you want to buy a shoe-lace you don’t have to buy a pair of shoes. This flexibility allows you to focus on the weak areas of your preparation and saves oodles of time and money.

At PRAQTISE, we offer you a trial period which lasts for a year from the date of your registration. So that you can thoroughly go through our adaptive and gamified setup at your own convenience.

PRAQTISE is an evolved platform which is insightfully designed by management as well as diverse field erudites. Unlike other portals, we offer a host of thoughtful features including adaptive preparation, personalized programs, detailed analytical reports, unlimited content, customizable study calendar and extensive gamification to make your preparation fun and rewarding.